Writing Clinic is the answer

In this age of business by email, writing skills matter for every business. Good writing isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity. Bad writing costs money, time and opportunities, keeping companies and individuals from reaching their full potential.

Writing Clinic can help your business eliminate poor writing that causes miscommunication and misunderstandings. Our fast-paced courses focus on key writing skills essential in today’s workplace, teaching proven techniques for writing more quickly, clearly and concisely.

Writing Clinic courses provide the mental tools to tackle any writing task with confidence, shattering barriers between your ideas and the words on the page. Our exclusive 10 step process shows the way, from getting started to pushing the send button, taking the mystery and fear out of writing. Writing Clinic courses are taught in English, but the lessons apply to communicating in any language.

Writing Clinic participants learn by doing. Whether it’s a half-day seminar or ongoing coaching, Writing Clinic means rolling up their sleeves to do real work to improve their skills. Writing Clinic instructors guide participants through each step – and pick them up when they stumble. Writing Clinic means turning on the computer, identifying roadblocks to good writing, and learning to plow through them at full speed.

Writing Clinic courses feature:

  • Our exclusive 10 step process that takes the mystery and fear out of writing
  • Practice through real time exercises and assignments under the expert guidance of Writing Clinic instructors
  • Addressing participants’ individual concerns to clear barriers to successful writing
  • Eliminating thinking problems behind many writing problems that lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding
  • Individual attention from Writing Clinic staff, including one-on-one evaluations

Writing Clinic sessions are tailored to fit specific company needs and suitable for employees at all levels, regardless of experience, education or native language. Writing Clinic can make anyone a better writer.

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“Mental tools to tackle any writing task”